giovedì 10 giugno 2004

Celtic Stars - Mystic Waves: i titoli delle canzoni presenti nel CD

Gli album della serie "Celtic Stars" sono in Italia le migliori raccolte sia per chi si avvicina alla musica celtica sia per gli appassionati più affezionati. Ecco i titoli presenti nell'ultimo della serie.

Mystic waves


Universal Crossover

The mummer's dance (Loreena McKennitt)

Runaway (The Corrs)

Who will raise their voice? (Capercaillie)

It's all good (Sinéad O'Connor)

Airfailarin (Skilda)

Show me (Moya Brennan)

E garnison! (Denez Prigent)

Fotheringay (Sandy Denny)

From Clare to here (Deirdre Starr)

Swallows tail (Dervish)

The pretty maid (Clannad)

The Breton and the Galician set (Old Blind Dogs)

The banks of the Nile (Caroline Lavelle)

Romy Therese/June for Mary (The Tannahill Weavers)

The lonesome scenes of winter (Cara Dillon)

I don't need this (Ashley MacIsaac)

Yann Derrien (Carlos Nuñez)

The old ways (Loreena McKennitt)

Little do they know (Capercaillie)

Son alma ata (Denez Prigent)

Tara (Moya Brennan)

Fairy dance (Ashley MacIsaac)

Carolan's quarrel with the landlady (Patrick Ball)

The flower of Finae (Skilda)

The fair haired boy (Dervish)

Bird in the bush/Silver spear/King of the Clan (Birkin Tree)

Bright blue rose (Deirdre Starr)

Who knows where the time goes (Aine Furey)

Fair Gallowa' (The Tannahill Weavers)

Níl sé ina lá (Clannad)

Her mantle so green (Sinéad O'Connor)

An gaoth aneas (The Chieftains)

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