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Artisti, Album, Compilations: The Best Celtic Collection Ever

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Una raccolta favolosa di oltre 90 brani di musica celtica, 5 cd di 18 brani ciascuno che vedono insieme artisti come Capercaillie, Wolfstone, Altan, Déanta, Cherish The Ladies, Joanie Madden, Milladoiro, Niamh Parsons, Sileas, The Tannahill Weavers, John Whelan, Realtime, Relativity, Jamie Kane e tanti altri ottimi musicisti.
Una rassegna delle migliori sonorità celtiche in circolazione, dai reels, alle jigs, alle songs più tradizionali, set di intenso coinvolgimento e voci struggenti, virtuosismo strumentali e vocali: emozioni a non finire.
Nel libretto contenuto nella confezione, c'è una sezione dal titolo "Simboli dell'antico popolo celtico", in cui vengono illustrati i principali simboli celtici: il triskell, la croce celtica, la spada, l'arpa, la lancia, il cinghiale, l'albero, il torquis, il corvo, il drago.
Ecco l'elenco completo delle tracks dei 5 cd.

CD 1
1* Dùlamàn - Altan
2* Clueless: Clueless/Fleshmarket Close/The Steampacket - Wolfstone
3* Broken Wings - Cherish The Ladies
4* Blind Mary - Joanie Madden (T. O'Carolan)
5* Puirt A Beul/Snug Ina A Blanket - Capercaillie
6* Si Beag Si Mor - Pat Kilbride
7* Gathering Place - Relativity
8* Maids Of Selma/Larry Redican's/Dancing Tables - Jimmy Keane
9* Maneo De Ulla/Foliada De Padrenda - Milladoiro
10* Clohinne Winds - Niamh Parsons & The Loose Connections
11* Kitty In The Lane/Captain Kelly/The Green Mountain - Matt Molloy
12* Sean Reid's/Toss The Feathers - Mick Moloney, Joe McKenna
13* The Miller Of Draughin/The Humours Of Castlefin - Paddy O'Brien
14* Kilkelly - Mick Moloney, Robbie O'Connell, Jimmy Keane
15* Trip To Skye/Darach DeBrun's - John Whelan & Eileen Ivers
16* Women Of Ireland - Rosalyn Briley, Barbara Nolan
17* The Lass Of Glenshee - Altan
18* The Smokey Lum/Maggie's Pancakes/Dancing Feet/The Mason's Apron - The Tannahill Weavers

CD 2
1* Siuil A Ruin - Realtime
2* Ballavanich (The Boys From Ballavanich/Mrs. Crehan's) - Wolfstone
3* Fosgail An Dorus/Nighean Bhuaidh' Ruadh - Capercaillie
4* The Stone In The Field/The Steeplechase/The Culfodda Reel - James Kane
5* Ready For The Storm - Déanta
6* The Piper - Sileas
7* Siùn Nì Dhuibhir - Relativity
8* George White's Favourite/The Sligo Maid - Kevin Crawford
9* Tà Mo Chleamhnas A Dhèanamh - Altan
10* Robbie Hannah's Jigs - Jerry O'Sullivan
11* Green Grow The Rushes Oh - Cherishe The Ladies
12* Willie Taylor - Déanta
13* Samuel The Weaver/The Panda/Thunderhead/The Cannongate Twitch/Allan MacDonald's Reel - The Tannahill Weavers
14* There Was A Lady - Relativity
15* Dobbin's Flowery Vale - Altan
16* The Flight Of The Termite - Déanta
17* Heart And Soul - Wolfstone
18* The Turnpike (Gesto Reel/Keep In Up/Nine Pint Cogie/Prety/Maureen Kennelly's/The Turnpike) - Capercaillie

CD 3
1* The Good Drying Set: The MacFarlanes/The Whistlebinkies Reel/Mulhair's Reel/The Christmas Carousal/Miss Monaghan - The Tannahill Weavers
2* Iain Ghliunn' Cuaich - Capercaillie
3* The Sword In The Hand/The Providence Reel/The Old Bush - Matt Molloy, Sean Keane, Arty McGlynn
4* John Brady's/High Reel/Martin Wynne's - Joanie Madden
5* Dark Iniseoghain - Déanta
6* Lorraine's Waltz - John Whelan & Eileen Ivers
7* Glenglass - Wolfstone
8* The Three Healths - The Tannahill Weavers
9* Marcus Hernon's Air - Joanie Madden
10* Larry Redican's Hornpipe/The green banner - Jerry O'Sullivan
11* There Were Roses - Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane, Robbie O'Connell, Liz Carrol
12* Seanbhean Bhocht/Sweeney's - Moving Cloud
13* An Cailin Gaelach - Altan
14* Where Are You? - Déanta
15* The Bantry Girl's Lament - Reeltime
16* O'Carolan's Farewell To Music - JerryO'Sullivan, Rosalyn Briley
17* Where You At The Rocks (An raibh tú ag an gCarraig) - Déanta
18* Islay Charms Set (Donald MacLeod/Islay Charms/Alena MacAskell/Donnie MacGregor) - The Tannahill Weavers

CD 4
1* Yellow Tinker/Lady Montgomery/The Merry Harriers - Altan
2* I Know My Faith (Is Worth Much More Than Me) - Niamh Parsons & The Loose Connections
3* Brian Boru's March/Sporting Paddy/The Traveler - Joe Burke, Michael Cooney, Terry Corcoran
4* The Lakes Of Pontchartrain - Déanta
5* Eleanor Plunkett - Déanta
6* Am Buachaillie Ban - Capercaillie
7* The Blackbird Set (Blackley Of Hillsdale/The Blackbird/The Hankie Dance/Jack Daniel's Reel/The Farmer's Daughter) - The Tannahill Weavers
8* My Own Native Land - Cherish The Ladies
9* Andy Stewart's/The Harsh February - Phil Cunningham
10* Mo Choill - Altan
11* Harps Airs (Rock Of Esse/Ascent) - Déanta
12* An Mhaighdean Mhara - Altan
13* Donald MacLean's Farewell To Oban/Dunrobin Castle/The Wise Maid/Iain's Jig - The Tannahill Weavers
14* Inisheer - Cherish The Ladies
15* Lone Shanakyle -Déanta
16* Harlequin (The Harlequin/Pipe Major Stevie Saint) - Wolfstone
17* The Benedy Glenn - Déanta
18* Music For A Found Harmonium - Patrick Street

CD 5
1* Gillies (The Sleeping Tuna/The Nose And The Gillies) - Wolfstone
2* Gravelly Groove (Gravel/Walks/Port Gan Ainm) - Déanta
3* A Whistle On The Wind/The Jug Of Punch/Dogs Among The Bushes - Joanie Madden
4* The Flat Cap/Sgean Dhu - The House Band
5* The Jug Of Punch - Altan
6* Jug Of Brown Ale/Spot The Wollop - Kevin Crawford
7* Keg Of Brandy - Cherish The Ladies
8* Morag's Reels - Wolfstone
9* Are Ye Sleeping Maggie?/The Noose And The Ghillie - The Tannahill Weavers
10* Con Cassidy's & Neil Gow's Highlands/Moll And Tiarna/McSweeney's Reels - Altan
11* Hector The Hero - John Cunningham
12* The Galway Rover - Cherish The Ladies
13* Seamus Ennis' Jig/Connie O'Connell's - Matt Molloy, Sean Keane
14* Paddy And The Bandit (Paddy's In Chicago/The Ceili Bandit) - Déanta
15* Sweet Lisbweemore - Patrick Street
16* The Maid That Sold Her Barley - Déanta
17* The Chorus Reel/Ashmolean House - Jerry O'Sullivan
18* Balindore - Capercaillie

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